Companies Representation in oil and gas field


We supply, trade, and distribute energy stock in a responsible and safe manner around the world through our logistical expertise and infrastructure network. Bold Energy can guide you through the experience of expanding business in Abu Dhabi in the easiest way.

Companies Representation In Oil And Gas Field

Is known for its optimal chain of opportunities window that allows foreign companies, investors, suppliers, and manufacturers all around the world to settle in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The country aims to continuously develop economically based on the aim of becoming the safest economic zone worldwide.

Bold Energy’s scope in companies’ representation in oil and gas field to provide support in the developing projects in oil, gas, and energy industries to foreign investors through different services to allow them to promote their products and services in the region. acquiescence and integrity are elemental to the business is conducted.

Our Services

Our Services

Business Setup

Companies that wish to invest in the UAE through a local sponsor or agent, Bold Energy is licensed as a national provider of sponsorship services for international investors by establishing:


Limited Liability Company


A Branch Company.


Agency Services

Bold Energy also offers a flexible Commercial Agency solution to provide foreign companies with an on-the-ground local partner to facilitate the sale and distribution of products and services within the Abu Dhabi Emirate region.

Business Development

The guarantees in business development are through the following services provided:


Marketing and Sales


Legal Services .


Investors Relations


ADNOC registration


Oil and Gas

Effective business consultation services that help our partnering companies and clients to analyze with deep understanding the market opportunities and risks. As well as legal solutions related to establishing the core scope of work of business activities in Abu Dhabi to guarantee the quality and duration of client’s business operation. Bold Energy also operates as a bridge in within investors relations by connecting the right market opportunities with businesses to boost the popularity of these companies through ADNOC registration. ADNOC qualification is done for clients who are bringing their business to Abu Dhabi in order for them to be considered for tendering opportunities. ADNOC registration is a mandatory requisite for companies operating in Oil and Gas field.

PRO Services

Investors coming into the UAE may not be necessary familiar with the commercial nuances of the laws in Abu Dhabi. Whether they are small or medium businesses or whether they are globally known, they will be in need of the PRO services

Company Formation

There are simply a few easy procedures involved in starting a business in the United Arab Emirates. The Abu Dhabi Emirate Department of Economic Development receives applications for company establishment. Additionally, forming a business usually entails choosing a location, describing the type of business, and paying the required fees for the issue of a commercial license. Bold Energy will assist in compiling the accurate documents that are required for commercial registration within Abu Dhabi Emirate’s laws and regulations.

ADNOC Registration/ Approval

Bold Energy provides a set plan in order to aid the client’s/partner’s company to initiate the registration process. All of the required documents get prepared for ADNOC qualification and registration.

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